G I F T   V O U C H E R S
N O T I C E  - Please open this page in your browser (Safari, Chrome, etc) if you're visiting from an app. Forms opened within an app such as Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest cannot be submitted successfully. If you do not receive a reply from me within 2 days of submitting your form then please email me directly at mollymoiradesign@gmail.com in case something has gone wrong 😊
H O W   D O   T H E Y   W O R K ?
My vouchers can be sent to you or directly to the recipient. When you have decided on the size and type of drawing you'd like your voucher to be redeemable for, simply fill in the form on this page. I'll then send you an email to confirm the details you have entered and let you know the date the drawing is likely to be completed. I'll also attach an invoice for the full price, including the cost of postage and packaging of the drawing. When the invoice has been paid I'll write out your voucher and post it to the address you have provided. The voucher contains all the information the recipient needs to contact me and arrange completion of their drawing, so there's nothing else you have to do!

S H O U L D   I   O R D E R   O N E ?
If you are looking to purchase a portrait for a loved one then my gift vouchers allow you to do this in time for a birthday, Christmas or other gift without having to plan months in advance to get to the front of my waiting list in time. A gift voucher can also be a better option as they mean that the recipient can choose the perfect photo to use for their portrait, which is especially useful if you don’t live with them and the animal you want drawn.
My vouchers are professionally printed on high quality thick card and will all be filled out by hand and packaged as shown below, making them a beautiful and thoughtful gift to open in themselves.
The voucher itself does not cost anything extra, and the purchase of it will guarantee your giftee my next available booking slot. 
Thank you for your gift voucher request! I'll be in touch very soon to confirm the details of your order and send you an invoice. If you do not receive an email from me within 2 days of submitting the form then please email me directly at mollymoiradesign@gmail.com 😊 Thanks!
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