B E S P O K E   P R O J E C T S
Lockdown Blues
Lockdown Blues, 43x43", Coloured pencil on wood panel, 2021
Completed during the coronavirus pandemic for clients who had been entertained throughout the first UK lockdown by the blue tits that visited their bird feeder every day. I used the clients' own photos of these blue tits along with additional references to put together this composition. This project took around 5 months to complete whilst working on pet portrait commissions alongside it.
The Hunter
The Hunter, 22x30", Coloured pencil on paper, 2021
Completed for a client in Israel for his son who is a lover of big cats. Photo reference obtained with permission from Emmanuel Keller. This piece took around 3 weeks to complete in full.
Completed for a client who wanted to surprise his wife with a drawing of their working cocker spaniel who they had recently sadly lost. A few days before she died, Phoebe had run around the garden and come back into the house with a forget-me-not on her head, so the client asked me if I could incorporate the flowers into her portrait, along with a ball of hers that they were keeping to remember her by. I wanted the piece to look as if she was waiting in the next life on a soft bed of flowers, ready and waiting to go and chase her ball again. This project took around a month to complete.
Lady, Benson and Satchmo
Lady, Benson and Satchmo, 18x24", Coloured pencil on paper, 2022
Completed for a client as a gift to his mum. One of their family dogs, Benson (middle), had passed away and he wanted a drawing of all three of their dogs sitting in front of their fireplace. I used multiple separate photos of all of the dogs and the fireplace to put together this composition and sourced a photo of a lit fire to draw in the hearth. This project took around a month to complete.
Bespoke Marine Scarf
Bespoke silk scarf, Graphite artwork coloured and composed digitally into a repeat pattern, Printed in the UK onto 100% silk, 2019
Completed for a client who wanted a bespoke sarong design for her daughter's 21st birthday. Her daughter was a marine biology student at the time and has a great love of all things ocean, especially mantis shrimps which are the focus of the design.
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