B E S P O K E   P R O J E C T S
The Hunter
The Hunter, 22x30", Coloured pencil on paper, 2021
Completed for a client in Israel for his son who is a lover of big cats. Photo reference obtained with permission from Emmanuel Keller
Lockdown Performers
Lockdown Performers, 43x43", Coloured pencil on birch plywood, 2021
Completed during the coronavirus pandemic for a couple who had been entertained throughout the first UK lockdown by the blue tits which visited their bird feeder every day. They wanted something large to commemorate this which also included a reference to the name of their house; Hawthorn House.
Bespoke Marine Sarong
Bespoke silk sarong, Graphite artwork coloured and composed digitally into a repeat pattern, Printed in the UK onto 100% silk, 2019
Completed for a client who wanted a bespoke sarong design for her daughter's 21st birthday. Her daughter was a marine biology student at the time and has a great love of all things ocean, especially mantis shrimps which are the focus of the design.
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